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Point of Historical Interest: Gold Mine

38n 22w 33s Where miners sought unmatched riches, stripping a mountain range of its gold, and exposing its inner cosmos to the light.

Point of Historical Interest: Abandoned Vehicle

39°19’23.4″N, 120°51’55.1″W After waiting for a perfect future to arrive, a family of pioneers gave up on the American Dream, fled into the wilderness and embarked on a journey to oneness.

Point of Historical Interest: Cabin

39°22’33.7″N, 120°53’51.1″W A miner’s cabin collapsed after being struck by a bolt of lightning, sending energy vibrations outwards, in waves. A neighbor, 20 miles away, realized at that moment that the universe was created by …

Point of Historical Interest: Abyss

39°19’03.0″N, 120°48’57.2″W With his daughter watching from a distance, a father climbed into the abyss, and realized that emptiness is everything.  

Point of Historical Interest: Mine Shaft

39°23’30.7″N, 120°52’03.4″W An old mine shaft from the 1850s where a man first encountered a wild bear. Staring directly at the wild beast, he realized, at that moment,  that all living things on Earth were …

Point of Historical Interest: Farmhouse

39°22’07.5″N, 120°54’48.1″W After years of heartache, a family left behind their home and everything they knew, on their path to inner peace. The home would later collapse due to neglect and the harsh winters to …

Point of Historical Interest: Medicine Wheel

39°19’44.3″N, 120°52’49.7″W Where a man bravely traveled into the void and found nothing.

Point of Historical Interest: Abandoned Barn

39°22’33.7″N, 120°53’51.1″W Where a man went into the unknown, only to find the known.  

Point of Historical Interest: Black Oak

39°18’2″N, 120°55’8″ W Where an oak tree ignited into flames, erasing the outline of its being, and illuminating the night sky.  

Point of Historical Interest: Majestic View

39°19’41.2″N, 120°52’52.4″W As the trees were being cut to the ground by chainsaw, a man felt the invisible threads that connected him to the forest dissipate, severed for a brief moment in time.